Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates of the camp?

July 8 – 31st 2023

Is there an audition requirement?

Yes. Go to "Register", download the "registration form 2023 France and Belgium" PDF form, fill it out and please return it by email ([email protected]) with the link to your youtube URL.

What if want to register but my son/daughter does not have her passport yet?

Students ARE NOT allowed to travel WITHOUT a VALID PASSPORT! If your child(ren) do(es) not have a passport, fill out an application ASAP. Once the passport application is sent, feel free to register. We strongly suggest you DO NOT register your child(ren) until the application has been sent. The application process takes from 3 to 6 weeks.

Are meals provided?

For the French portion of the trip, students will have the ability to purchase food at the grocery store which is walking distance to the conservatory. Students will also have a kitchenette in their rooms. For Belgium, 3 meals per day will be provided.

What are the lodging arrangements?

In France, students will be staying at a hotel in Joinville-le-Pont steps away from the Conservatory. There will be two students per room. It is possible to request an individual room at a higher rate, but the availability is not guaranteed. Please contact the director at [email protected] if you have questions about the individual room.

In Belgium, the students will stay in a dormitory (same place as where the music camp takes place). Every bedroom is a single bedroom.


How much money do I need to bring and how do I exchange money there?

In France, plan to spend around 45 Euros/day for food. N/A for Belgium. These amounts do not take in considerations extra expenses such as personal gifts, laundry, unscheduled sight-seeing excursions. In France, it is very easy to exchange money at several places in Paris. In Belgium only spending money for personals is necessary. everything else is already included in the price.

In both Countries, Major Credit cards and debit cards are accepted. For cash withdrawal purposes, we strongly recommend bringing a debit card which will work in all ATMs abroad for a small bank fee.

How do I pay for the camp?


Do I have to use a credit card (and therefore pay the processing fee) for registering for the camp or can I pay by check (and avoid the processing fee)?

Venmo, Cashapp or PayPal, may charge a fee up to 3%. If this is the case you will be contacted to reimburse this fee. You can find the proper account looking for: Laurent Boukobza International Piano Academy LLC or Laurent Boukobza

Will I have access to a laundromat?

In France, a laundromat is situated 0.3 miles away from the conservatory (so around 0.4 miles from the hotel). In Belgium, there will be a laudromat. We strongly suggest students wash their clothes in the sink.

What is the dress code for the student’s performances?

Casual dress.

Will student’s performances be recorded?

Yes. Browse around the site to see past performances

Are the hotels Wi-Fi equipped?

Yes, both locations offer complimentary Wi-Fi.

What are the transportation accommodations in Paris and Bruges?

In Paris: unlimited Metro passes will be provided to students. They must bring a small ID picture to put on their Metro Passes. MINORS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A CHAPERONE when travelling to Paris.

In Belgium: The dormitory, restaurant, and the conservatory are at the exact same location. .

If I cancel, can I be refunded?

France and Belgium: EACH PAYMENT IS NON-REFUNDABLE as each payment secures hotel reservations, tuition fees, faculty, etc.

What is the chaperone/student ratio?

Although international regulations require a 1:10 ratio, our camp offers a 1:5 ratio! Security is our priority.

Do I need extra insurance for the camp?

It is always a good idea to take extra coverage when going abroad. Either in case you would have to cancel the trip for any reason, or if you believe that your health could be an issue.

How many and which pieces should I prepare?

5 to 6 pieces all together. A movement of a sonata counts as one piece. Regarding the chamber music, the repertoire will be decided once the final payment is made (as it will demonstrate your commitment to the Music Camp).